During Sunrise on Sunset

Sitting here at my desk in my office on the Sunset Bronson Lot where Netflix is located, I think of how much gratitude fills me to be in this place and present moment. I have candles on my desk, and if I lit one for each blessing that has come my way, security would probably deem me a fire hazard. I feel on top of the world in my current position, surrounded by the most wonderful, kind and grounded showrunners and writers, and yet I also know that as of December 20th, I will, once again, be unemployed.

I moved to LA 14 months before I started working as a Showrunners’ Assistant, and many people have told me that I am seven to ten years ahead of others on the same path, but that statement is truly false and doesn’t give credit where credit is due. I’m a born-and-raised Jersey girl who spent eight years in the industry in New York. Busting my ass is my middle name, and that makes my name pretty darn long.

I wrote this blog several times. I had a hard time finding my purpose for writing it, and then it hit me– I like to help and serve others. Here I am, with my journey in hand, and I want to help, inspire and motivate you. Reach out with questions, kinds of stories you want to hear, or anything that crosses your mind, and I will use it to fuel my entries. The way I got here is not necessarily the right way or the wrong way, but it’s what worked for me. Whether it’s in the entertainment industry or not, your path is your choice and it’s time to make it count. Be fierce. And sparkly.