Getting in Bed With Execs

Running Catalyst was a whirlwind. The energy in the air was electric and exciting, and it made all of those late nights and spreadsheets so very worth it. It also made my glass of wine at the end of the night, chatting with creators and executives alike, more than worth it. Getting to know each other by fire pits under stars that you can actually see feels so magical. It was my chance to set aside my work and let people get to know me as a person. I’m a real, live person with feelings and emotions. ::grabs tissue box::

After the awards show, we all celebrated at a local restaurant. My designated driver wanted to go home, but I was not ready to end the fun! One of the executives told me she would drop me off, and so I decided to stay.

By the time the power went out, and everyone decided to leave, I piled into a car with four other executives. Yes, you can do that math and figure out where I sat. As we laughed and drove off, the executive driving asked where I was staying. It was a town nearby, but far enough to be a hassle, and she said, “Oh, no. I’m not driving there. Our house has a bunch of empty rooms. I’ll drive you in the morning.” And so I went to a haunted mansion with a group of executives. We chatted by the fireplace while the power was still out, and when it came on, they all gave me a tour of the many bedrooms that filled this gigantic, spooky house. We found the one that I could sleep in and decided to chat in there for a while. I was on a bed with a few other executives as others sat in random chairs from, what looked like, the early 1900’s, and all of them asked me, “When are you going to move to LA?” 

We had a real discussion about why I haven’t made the move yet, and why I should. I was sharing some bedside conversation with them, and yet I did not have to sleep with any of them for them to say that they genuinely wanted to help and work with me! Hollywood is changing, people!

I woke up the next morning, still in my Armani gown, had my friend at the time pick me up and bring me back to where I was staying. As I waltzed in with my makeup nearly in place, I spun around in the kitchen and said to my hosts, “Do you like my nightgown?!”